The Spark Bird Project is designed to use tools of psychological science to understand birders and the experience of birding. It aims to inform how organizations can connect with current and future birders as well as to help birders better understand each other. The Spark Bird Project works to address sparks, benefits, opportunities, resources, and barriers in birding. You can read the project plan below. The project is preregistered on the Open Science Framework at and approved by the Canisius University Institutional Review Board (IRB 2021-22 #46). 

Interested in collaborating on The Spark Bird Project? The Spark Bird Project is looking for folks with expertise in translating prompts as well as individuals with machine learning experience to help with coding open-ended responses! Sponsors are also welcome! Please contact project director, Dr. Jenn Lodi-Smith.

Findings from the first 100 spark bird stories!

The stories from our first 100 Spark Birders are rich with appreciation of the beauty in nature in general and birds in particular. Here are a few important key findings from these first stories:

The Spark Bird Project Preregistration

Spark Bird Preregistration 3.17.2022.pdf